Love one another. Instruct one another. Serve one another. Forgive one another. Submit to one another. Pray for one another. There are over fifty “one another” commands in the New Testament. Small groups and Bible studies are a great place to journey together and grow with one another!

Small groups meet together to study, serve, love, pray, (probably eat), laugh, and grow in the Word and in relationships that honor God. They are led by identifiable leaders who take responsibility for the growth and health of the group. At Crossing, our purpose is to be and make committed followers of Christ. Small groups are a great place to learn and be equipped for just that!

Where and when do small groups meet?

Either weekly or bi-weekly at differing times and locations all over lower Bucks County and western Mercer County in New Jersey. Some meet in the same home every meeting, others rotate meeting places, and there are others that meet at Crossing.

What about my kids?

For small groups, childcare is handled differently in each group, and it’s up to the group to figure out what works best for them. Childcare is usually offered during Equipping Classes, which happen seasonally and usually last four to six weeks.

How can I find a small group, Bible study, or equipping class?

CLICK HERE to view a list of small groups that are currently available. For small groups, you may want to contact the leader to get more information and let them know you’re interested in attending. They can answer questions and keep you informed.

Bible studies and equipping classes are open and available to anyone; feel free to contact the leader first if you like, or just simply show up! Check out our CALENDAR to find upcoming opportunities.



At Crossing, we offer occasional events and opportunities for men to deepen their faith and grow in the community of other men, and for women to do the same with other women. We want to provide opportunities for men and women of all ages and backgrounds to connect with others like themselves, and grow in their faith together. We want to serve and equip men and women in unique ways, and give them opportunities to learn from, and encourage, each other. Whether you are still searching or have been a believer for years, there is a place for you at one of our events!