Unfortunately, one of the stereotypes of the Church in our day is that of a begging, money-hungry collection agency for God. While the Bible gives no justification for some current church practices, it does have a lot to say about money and our use of it. It teaches that giving back a portion of our money to God should be:

  • something in which we all participate (1 Cor. 16.1)
  • according to His will, after first giving ourselves (2 Cor. 8.5)
  • out of love and gratitude, as an act of worship (2 Cor. 8.8-9)
  • sacrificially generous, requiring faith on our part (2 Cor. 8.3-7)
  • in proportion to our income (1 Cor. 16.1)
  • through our own local church (1 Cor. 16.1-2)
  • at regular intervals (1 Cor. 16.1)
  • a completely voluntary and cheerful act (2 Cor. 9.6,7)
  • a discreet and private act (Matt. 6.1-4)

Under grace, we do not believe there is a biblical basis for requiring 10% giving (a “tithe”). We do believe there is a tithe principle in Scripture which is not based on the Law, as it was clearly in place and in use before the Law was ever given. Therefore, we believe that, while our giving percentages may differ, and while our own giving percentage is not the business of others, this principle of tithing the first 10% of our income should be acknowledged and considered as a biblical starting point.

We are not against or ashamed of taking public offerings, but on most occasions we choose not to pass an offering plate here at Crossing. Instead we use offering boxes located near our doors. We do not believe that plate-passing is the best means for us to help each other give according to the biblical principles outlined above.

We know God is more concerned that each one of us has received His gift of eternal life, than that each one of us is giving back to Him financially. Frankly, so are we. Once you have received what He has sacrificially given you, then He will begin to teach you what visionary, sacrificial, eternal difference-making giving is all about. You will see giving as an important way of expressing your heart for Him and for the people around you whom He loves as much as He loves you. And hopefully, you will become excited about sharing financially in the life-changing work He has committed to us here at Crossing Community Church.

Our church office ensures the faithful accounting and stewardship of the donations of our church family based on biblical models of stewardship. The church mails one annual contribution statement to contributors following the end of the calendar year in which your donation(s) was given. Questions about your contribution statement can be directed to the church office at 215.968.0276.




SUNDAY MORNINGS: You can give on Sundays by placing your offering in the wooden offering boxes located in the main auditorium and near the downstairs exit to the South parking lot.

ONLINE GIVING: You can choose to make a contribution to Crossing online using your credit card or by electronic funds transfer from your bank account. While we do accept credit cards, we encourage you not to use credit cards unless you plan to pay off your card in full each month””we encourage biblically-based financial stewardship that does not include a lifestyle of debt. You can set up recurring contributions or one-time gifts. You can also choose to give to several designated funds. CLICK HERE for online giving.

AUTOMATIC BILL PAY: Set up your local bank’s automatic bill pay service to send your offering to Crossing.

MAIL: Mail your contribution to the church office using the self-addressed envelopes provided at the desk outside the doors of the Auditorium.