Crossing Community Church gathered for the first time on a Sunday morning in September of 1977. Just a few were there that day, in a small Wrightstown apartment living room.

The first members of the Crossing church family were ordinary people, grateful to God for what He was doing in their lives and deeply desiring to be part of a new, extraordinary local church. This new church would be conservative and evangelical in beliefs and practices, treating the Bible as authoritative and practical, and teaching it regularly. At the same time, it would be a refreshingly positive church””friendly, relevant and alive””a church reaching out with the good news of Jesus Christ to the lower Bucks County community.

Our church name came from our proximity to Washington Crossing, the historic site where General George Washington and the Continental Army crossed the Delaware on Christmas Day 1776 en route to a crucial victory at Trenton.

For about seven years, Crossing met on Sundays at the Yardley Community Centre. Then in 1985, God enabled this growing church family to acquire the very special historic Newtown property that is now the church’s fourteen-acre campus. A new main meeting facility was built, with much of the work done by the church members themselves. Crossing began holding meetings at the new campus in the spring of 1986.

Today approximately 230 people comprise Crossing Community Church. There are three men on the the Council of Elders who oversee the teaching and ministry of the entire church. The church staff provides leadership over many ministries, and Crossing supports six missionaries””including two sent out directly from here.